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Organization chart of Fine Food Catering has been provided in-order to furnish detailed description of the different categories of staff employed in our kitchen


Personal employed in this category oversee day to day operations which take place at our different kitchen locations. Supervisors have close co-ordination with our cliental and all requests as per our ongoing contracts with our cliental are completed by the supervisors.


The Executive Chef is responsible for the day to day operations of the main kitchen, preparation of menus, checking of the quality of incoming food items and overall supervision for preparation of meals form some of his day to day duties. He is also responsible to ensure that all meals leaving the main kitchen are of top quality.


Cooks are responsible for preparation of day to day meals which consist of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The Cooks are also responsible for the portioning of each individual meal as per the required location and quantity.


Assistant Cooks will assist the main cooks in preparation of daily meals. They are also responsible to prepare all mezan plus which is required by the cooks. Assistant Cooks will work along side the main cooks in-order to complete daily meal requirements.


Kitchen Helpers are responsible for all cutting and cleaning of food products which are required in the main kitchen. They are responsible to receive all raw produce from our store keeper in the quantity requested by the cooks.


The Store Keeper is responsible to order and receive all items which are required by the main kitchen. The Store Keeper would check all receiving items, regarding quantity, quality and expiry of each individual item. He is responsible to issue stock to the main kitchen as and when required.


This staff is responsible for the cleaning of crockery, cutlery, utensils and machinery used by the main kitchen. The cleaning staff is also responsible in the daily cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen premises when the day’s job of meal preparation is complete.


Dispatch Staff is responsible to receive all pre-cooked food items which has been prepared by the main kitchen and to segregate the prepared food in the required quantity as per the location it has to be delivered. The dispatch staff will prepare all documentation which has to be signed by the client at time of receiving their allocated meals. The Dispatch crew will also oversee the loading of the prepared meals into the proper delivery vehicles.


Transport Personal/Drivers are responsible to ensure that all meals are packed properly in to each individual transport vehicle for delivery to different locations. Each Transport Personal is also responsible to clean and sanitize his respective delivery vehicle after each delivery is complete. They are also responsible to ensure all the transport vehicles are in proper working condition with all registration, taxes and insurance paid in time to the concerned authority.

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