Beginning a long and inspiring legacy, the two brothers Mr Hasan and Mr Habib Mahmood joined together in the late 1930’s to establish the Hasan and Habib Sons of Mahmood Group of Companies. For nearly a decade the organization has flourished into a Limited Liability Company that remains a family passion to this day and one of the largest family owned companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Fine Foods branches and then the Fine Foods Catering division were one of the later ventures of the company, but ones that have emblazoned the company on the regional stage for 15 years. Formed in the early 80’s, the Fine Foods division utilized the families long history of supply throughout the Gulf that was first established by the knowledge of their Grandfathers. The groups long history as the official suppliers to Her Majesty’s Forces throughout the Gulf in the Second World War is also echoed today in their continued provision of supply and catering services to principal clients, being various governmental and ministerial institutions, large catering companies, hotels and airlines.

The integral nature of Fine Food’s Catering as part of the HHM Group enables them to offer the vast majority of their extensive food and equipment services in-house, with an ability to mobilize operations quickly and tailored to specific clients requirements.

Instilled with an inherent passion for excellence, the second generation continues to strive to be at the forefront of their industry, embedding quality into all that they do whilst pursuing new heights for the company and for regional operations as a whole.

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